Acting today for a better tomorrow

Are your parents on medication for high blood pressure or other physical issues? Are you?

I know someone whose dad died recently. He was in his 60s but if you’d just met him you’d think he was 80.

If you opened his medicine cabinet, I’m sure you’d find it full of prescriptions. Worse, I’m sure if you opened his pantry it would be filled with boxed, packaged, and otherwise processed foods.

My parents are also in their 60s, but they take no medication. If you opened my mom’s pantry you’d find some processed items, but mostly you’d see cans of tomatoes. At 6:30 a.m. you’d find them at the local YMCA.

Perhaps genetics plays into this, and if it does I won’t complain. But my parents do take care of themselves. They didn’t always. Raising four kids takes all of your time and induces stress that only parents of four or more can understand.

I don’t want to see people my age look 80 when they’re in their 60s. I don’t want them dying before they reach their 50th wedding anniversaries. Even more so, I want them to enjoy life into their 70s, 80s, even 90s, if they make it that far.

How do you increase your chances for a better life in the later stages? By taking care of yourself now. It might be difficult for people to see.

But then look at the friend who just lost a father. What if he’d taken care of himself starting in his late 20s or 30s?

I don’t want people to have those what-ifs.

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