Branch out or hunker down?

The worst decision you can make is no decision at all. That’s where I feel like I’m at every time I reach a familiar fork in the road. Do I branch out and start my own entities? Or do I hunker down and become a superstar at my day job?

Both have their perks. To brach out is to learn on my own and make money based on my own efforts. It’s a bit scary, and has the potential for time wasted. But it also has the greatest potential return. Put in a ton of work on my own sites now, and they can pay off big time down the road (and maybe modestly in the near term).

To hunker down on the day job is to become an industry superstar. Yet do I want that? Not in one sense. But I do want to earn a reputation as a guy who can clean up a fucking site and rank it.

Is there room for both? No, there is not. We need to find focus in our lives. I’m writing more now, and that about crowds my channel capacity. I can’t write and do great work on the day job and create my own sites.

(Unless I create my own sites as experiments, write to create content for them, and use them to make decisions about how to act on behalf of clients. That could work.)

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