Helping people change their mindsets to create healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles

Goal: to launch my own business

How in the world is anyone going to achieve that goal? The only aspect resembling specificity is “my own,” meaning that I will own the business. Great. What’s the business? When will it launch? And what constitutes a launch?

The business focuses on helping people change their mindsets to create healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles.

Not a bad elevator pitch if I do say so.

Fitness excites me, but I’m far from an expert. Guys who have been at this since their teens, such as Ben Greenfield and John Romaniello, know their shit from top to bottom. They spent years in the trenches, training clients one-on-one, before they built their fitness empires. If I want to emulate them, I stand no chance.

Why does fitness excite me? Because it’s about positive change through hard work, discipline, and a focused effort. The lessons we learn when executing a fitness program we can adapt to other areas of life.

Yet most people don’t get half that far. Maybe they’ve joined a gym, even worked with a personal trainer. But they’re not putting in hard work, they’re not disciplined about their fitness, and they’re not focusing their effort while they’re in the gym. It’s frustrating as hell to see.

Looping back to the original excitement, it’s not just about fitness. I’m also excited about learning new skills, about finding healthy yet delicious meals, about little routines that can lead to big improvements in performance. More than just fitness, I’m excited about changing my entire outlook on life.

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