Thanks for what?

When people thank me, it’s for doing what’s expected. The only time someone has thanked me for doing something not expected of me is in writing. In saying something that needed saying, in a way that connects with people.

It doesn’t happen often. Hasn’t happened often since a very long time ago, at least three years now. Back when I wrote about what I wanted to write about, baseball, and damn all the rest.

Sean offers thanks all the time, but it’s always for merely doing my job, or doing something within my job description. Same with Rae. They’re not thanking me for going out of my way to do something awesome. Maybe I’m going out of my way, but it’s only a little, and it’s to do something completely within my responsibilities at PushFire.

Chris has thanked me for advice. A few people have thanked me for advice. But who doesn’t get thanked for advice? Maybe some people give really bad advice. There’s a chance that I’m an above-average advice giver. Chances are most people consider themselves above-average advice givers, just as most people consider themselves of above-average intelligence.

Writing about something that matters to me, in a way that connects with the people around me, is the only thing people thank me for that isn’t already expected of me.

This is an encouraging, revealing thought on one hand. It comes at a time when other events have made me reconsider my writing.

At the same time it is a discouraging thought. To think I’ve reached age 32 without having people thank me for much beyond the things they should expect from me in the first place: friendship, loyalty, advice, and doing my job.

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