7 days of cold showers


Good habits are hard to form. This Monday’s experiment with cold showers is not only a good habit in itself, but could help foster more good habits. Not expecting anything to change instantly, I’ve committed to doing this for 30 days.

Today marked the seventh straight cold shower. The process isn’t at all what I expected.

1. Getting under the shower head hasn’t gotten any easier, at least physically. The first 10 seconds continue to suck.

2. Mentally, though, the process has gotten easier. For the first few days I stood at the back of the shower and talked myself into getting under the shower head. Today I just under and it felt a bit better.

3. After the first 10 seconds, the shower becomes a bit easier, especially after the first few days. It’s not pleasant, make no mistake, but I’m not rushing to get out any more.

4. The idea of never taking a hot shower again doesn’t seem so bad right now.

5. The wife says my skin looks clearer.

6. I’m sleeping better, but that might not be directly related to the showers.

After just seven days of cold showers, getting to 30 seems like a cinch. At that point I can better assess the real health benefits and determine whether continuing makes sense.

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